Come live, work, retire, play and become self-sufficient among like-minded neighbors in the Lakes District of beautiful British Columbia!

We are pleased to introduce a beautiful, unique lakefront subdivision located on Binta Lake, which is a pristine body of water 8.9 km (5.5 miles) long. This is the only private property on the banks of Binta Lake, with the sole exception of a private cabin on the far west end of the lake. There’s only one other private property in the surrounding area; 5 miles away in the direction of Fraser Lake called Binta Lake Ranch, owned by us as well.

Such a beautiful lakefront location on a southwestern slope, surrounded by hundreds of other lakes, is very rare, even in British Columbia! The location is safe, the land is fertile and gifted with an abundance of excellent water and clean air. The whole area around Binta Lake Farm consists of government-owned Crown Land.

The entire subdivision comprises approximately 2.3 km (1.4 miles) of lake shore and approximately 58 hectares (143 acres) of meadows and forest with two cabins on the shore. Surrounded by mountains and seemingly endless nature and hundreds of lakes, a big farm meadow, and the pure lake water attract all the local wildlife.

The land descends from the forest service road down southward to the lake. There, it spreads along the bank with beautiful bays and beaches, subdivided into lots 1-14. Lot 15 is located north of the forest service road with access over a dedicated public road to the lake.

This wonderful piece of land has recently been subdivided into fifteen lots and offered for sale. All lots are very unique if you compare their location, size and lake frontages to any other lots on the market. The lots range in size between 20,200 square meters (5 acres) and 59,800 square meters (14.8 acres). The shorelines range between 75 meters (246 feet) and 397 meters (1,302 feet). The lots have a south western exposure with a good view and plenty of sunshine all year round. On the lots, you will find fir trees, spruce, poplars, willows and multiple varieties of shrubs and berry bushes that grow in all kinds of ground like dark soil, peat, sand, clay and gravel. Wildlife and fishing are at your front door.

Please check our up-to-date plot availability and beautiful photo gallery. For any other questions you may have, feel free to contact us and we will reply as quickly as possible.