Consciousness creates!

Many people do not consciously live out their life but are led through step by step by image and social consciousness. For the most part, our attention is focused on earning a living, providing for the family, having a career and being respected by society. We are caught in an unending striving for feelings of recognition, happiness and joy.

Many times, what we are rewarded with is nothing but an empty, discontented feeling that “this can’t be everything; there must be more to it.” The search goes on, not uncommonly with the help of vices (drugs) and other types of artificial satisfaction. We are caught up in our rigid behavior patterns and become more and more entangled.

The emotional and physical consequences are unhappiness, hopelessness, illness, and even extend outward to the destruction of our environment and nature by mankind in general.

It seems we have a choice between two potential future models:

  • an ecological and socio-economic catastrophe
  • a time when mankind lives in peaceful cooperation with all others

The latest scientific results from nuclear physics and quantum mechanics prove that all material events depend on the human consciousness. This makes it clear to us that our future lies in our own hands to a large extent, and that we are responsible for determining every moment of it by ourselves.

Far too few people are aware how potentially explosive mankind’s situation is and in what vicious circles of dependencies conditioned behavior patterns most of us are caught up in. This is why we have used our natural unfolding abilities too seldom in order to reach a more conscious existence for ourselves and our environment, more joy, health as well as real and personal and financial freedom. Therapies are out there to assist us in our growth of consciousness, but don’t reach enough of us.

My major goal is to support the overdue paradigm shift on our planet with creating areas for sustainable living in a healthy and natural way — personal and financial freedom of the individual in harmony with the environment, with society and the economy through the unfolding of the human potential of consciousness.

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