It is my heart’s desire that Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates attracts mainly buyers that not only appreciate all the good material benefits of the investment, but also those who are conscious and aware. These individuals understand that our future lies in our own hands, that we are responsible for determining every moment of it by ourselves, and that humankind can change even the worst scenarios for the better through the unfolding of the human potential of consciousness. These aware and awakened residents of our community here on Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates will share their expertise about the unfolding of the human potential of consciousness with each other.

In addition to healthy living, self-sufficiency and their own personal development in harmony with nature, a resident of Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates also has the opportunity to run an effective business on their land — perhaps offering seminars or retreats, or simply lodging and good food.

It’s not the atmosphere of a lodge or perfect guest house that fills our hearts with joy and unforgettably touches our souls deep within, but the nightly camp fire in the wilderness, where we can roast fish and absorb a breath-taking sunset, watch the Northern Lights or communicate with a tree and connect with the healing energies of mother nature.

Binta Lake provides all that we need for our own survival, and more than that — to help heal others through mother earth’s gifts. It is up to the residents to observe their own higher calling.

A good investment and a safe and healthy life are ideally combined at a place where people with similar interests meet. These individuals can find solace in nature, find cooperation in helping each other, and share knowledge and/or services.