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What’s going on in the world?

Considering world tensions and turmoil, a growing number of individuals and families are seeking a safer more stable location to live, work and invest.

Looking around the world at Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, the South China Sea, Venezuela, the international financial markets on the verge of collapse, the dramatic risks of terrorism and Electromagnetic Pulses (EMP’s) in every country and social discord from Europe to the U.S., it’s difficult to make the case for a lot of good news. The world is simply getting out of hand!

I do not see a perfect solution to this miserable situation of mankind. We cannot change this scary, crazy world, but we can find our own way of reacting and dealing with these challenges by preparing and protecting ourselves and our loved ones materially as well as physically. And the good news is there are areas that offer a unique opportunity of preparedness, such as here in the vast pristine wilderness of British Columbia. Here you can invest safely and at the same time prepare to live self sufficiently by providing your own food and proper shelter while living and working in your own small community in co-operation with like-minded neighbors who came here for the same reasons.

As long as the tensions in the world allow it, you can use your investment in Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates mainly as all around insurance for your money and develop your safe haven temporarily and for recreational purposes only, knowing you have your investment in a safe place where you can go and live any time if it becomes necessary in times of political, financial or environmental turmoil.

In such a situation, when money transfers and ATM machines might not work anymore, stores would be empty very soon and masses of angry, hungry people could be in the streets, you want to be far away from the masses of people – ideally in a protective environment in nature with your own food, good water and supportive like-minded neighbors!

You, dear reader, who are reading these words, are hopefully one of an increasing number of people who luckily woke up to the political, environmental and economical reality we live in and understands better than most of our fellow men what is really going on. Your knowledge enables you to prepare and react wisely to what is rapidly coming at us while the majority of people are unfortunately still captured in blindness and ignorance. In fact you might recognize pretty soon that your investment in Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates is the one investment you may hold dear to your heart, the one investment that helps you sleep better at night, that you rely on for safety, security, that you like to use personally for its nature and beauty and that even provides the potential for good profits in a world gone mad.

Do you know any alternative where “Preparing for the worst while hoping for the best” can be such a safe, joyful and healthy process while being simultaneously the perfect investment for the times to come?

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