Why Binta Lake Farm?

British Columbia lakefront properties provides a safe investment for the growing number of individuals and families who are seeking a safer, more stable location to live, work and invest.  Here we have protection by our coastal mountains in the west, which shelter us from winds carrying acid rain, radioactivity and so much more.

British Columbia is experiencing rapid growth. The Lakes District of British Columbia is one of the last pristine wilderness areas of Canada with over 1000 lakes such as Francois Lake, Burns Lake, Babine Lake, Ootsa Lake, Uncha Lake and Binta Lake. This area has more to offer to the seekers of a “safe haven” than any other area in British Columbia and maybe in the world. Some experts already call Canada the new Switzerland.

Investment in Canadian real estate properties is becoming more and more popular. A growing number of people from all over the world have already purchased, or are thinking about purchasing, their own “safe haven” or “place of refuge” here, whether for temporary visits, or permanent lifestyle choice.

Binta Lake Farm Wilderness Estates offers the seeker a unique opportunity of preparedness. Here you can invest safely, and at the same time, prepare to live self sufficiently by providing your own food and proper shelter while living and working in your own small community in co-operation with like-minded neighbors who all come here for the same reasons. Growing your own food, raising animals, fishing in the pure lakes nearby, hunting, and mushroom, berry, and plant-picking while living in a remote area far away from the risks of natural disasters or large over-populated cities draws both investors and families seeking refuge.

Several of these lots have already sold and we anticipate only a growing demand for these types of properties.